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Frequently asked questions

How long does shipping take?

Unlike mass-produced puzzles, our custom puzzles are lovingly made by hand as you order them. This means that it takes 3-10 business days to produce each puzzle (depending on time of year), with shipping times ranging from 7-21 days.

Can you expedite my order for me?

Our puzzles are lovingly handmade and take time to create, so we are unable to expedite orders. If you require a gift ASAP, then you may consider also sending a digital gift card (this also allows the recipient to choose / design their own puzzle)!

Can I change the shipping address?

Send us a message ASAP via our Help Center - we'll do our best to get the address changed before it heads out the door!

Can you send mine without a receipt?

Absolutely. Since our puzzles are often given as gifts, our packing slips don't show any prices on them.

How are puzzles packaged?

Our puzzles are carefully packaged to ensure they arrive in perfect condition. We partially assemble the puzzle into 6-8 completed sections and place them in a mesh bag. This helps to maximize the durability of the puzzle box during transit and prevent it from being crushed.

What's your return and exchange policy?

We offer a 60-day return policy on all our puzzles. That means if you don't like the puzzle that you received, then you will be able to return it for a full store credit refund. Refunds are offered when there is a manufacturing defect in the puzzle. Either way, we've got your back and will do everything that we can to make it right.

My package was lost in transit / stolen!

Please contact us via our contact form in our Help Center with all the details - we'll do our best to help however we can.

Can I edit / cancel my order?

You have a three-hour window from the time of purchase to cancel your order. After that, our team may have already started preparing your puzzle print. If you need to make any changes to your order, such as updating your address, please contact us as soon as possible via our Help Center and we’ll do our best to help.

My package is late - what now?

We apologize if your puzzle is delayed. During peak times like the holidays, we receive a high volume of orders, which can extend our processing times. Shipping can also be slower due to customs and processing time spikes.

We recommend ordering early to avoid delays, but we cannot guarentee any specific arrival times. Our team works tirelessly, even on weekends, to fulfill orders. If you haven’t received your package after 30 days, then feel free to contact our team below and we’ll do everything that we can to help. Your patience and understanding are greatly appreciated.