Our story

  • Why we started Puzzery

    We started this journey because we know the joy a heartfelt gift can bring. Every puzzle that we craft is a commitment to quality, affordability, and our planet. We’ve been 100% carbon neutral since day one, because we believe in creating puzzles that people can feel good about giving. Thank you for being part of this adventure!

    Happy puzzling,
    - Jordan, Elizabeth, and Sammy

Our journey

Our story began at our humble kitchen table, handcrafting puzzles for friends. The happiness our puzzles brought spread quickly, and before we knew it, friends of friends were seeking our custom puzzles. As ardent lovers of our beautiful West Coast, we believe in preserving the environment for our children. That's why from day one, we were committed to not only creating beautiful puzzles but doing so in a way that respects and restores our world.

We constantly experiment with new eco-friendly materials, and produce what is likely the most eco-friendly puzzle on the planet. In January 2021, Puzzery was officially launched and we began sharing our labor of love with the world.

Our Growth

As requests poured in over the first year (and as puzzles took over our apartment), we knew that we needed to expand. In 2022, we bid farewell to our kitchen table and moved into a larger space. Our team grew from just us, to a dedicated production crew who shared our passion for puzzles and our commitment to the environment. Today, we’ve grown even more, but our commitment (and process) for crafting great puzzles remains the same.

Our Commitment

We’re not just about puzzles; we’re about preserving the beauty of our world for future generations. That’s why, right from the start, every puzzle we’ve shipped has been 100% carbon neutral. Since then we've been finding new eco-friendly materials and further refining our processes to minimize waste - every decision is made with the environment in mind.

Thank You

We are so grateful for your support and for being a part of our puzzle-loving family. We hope you enjoy piecing together these puzzles as much as we enjoy creating them.

Happy puzzling!

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